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FluidStory is a small and dedicated team of individuals with extensive experience in building and maintaining connections in the workplace and communities.  We are facilitators, educators and lifelong learners who are passionate about sharing our vision for a more resilient and healthy human connection.  We have over 50 years of combined experience in mentoring and building strong organizations and most importantly are invested in your success.  We are volunteers and mentors in our own communities and share our enthusiasm for creating meaningful and lasting connections with others.

Your Thoughts

"I am so pleased with all of the great leadership from FluidStory.
We have been closely connected on many aspects which include the Psychological First Aid, workshops, meetings and weekly touch base sessions. The Leduc Recreation Centre has seen so much benefit as a result. Your close involvement has helped our Peer Team continue to gain an understanding of our purpose. I feel we have established greater confidence and comfort through our discussions as you continually relate to us with care and compassion. I know I have personally grown and have so much appreciation for being part of a team whose role is to provide a positive, supportive environment." ~LW

Your Thoughts

"John, Diane & Wendi are a group of dynamic and versatile individuals that make a great team; they complement each other so well in their professional expertise and personalities. They’ve helped our team and myself personally come through several transitions and difficult situations with grace and support. They are people you want in your corner if you’re looking for kind honesty and a fresh perspective for any reason. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend FluidStory to any person and team navigating a transition of any kind. You’ll be well supported, heard and taken care of from first engagement to final handshake."~MB
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