What can work-life integration look like? Curious? Join us

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What we do

We build team connection. Simple,  right?

We create Common Collectives © in the workplace that focuses on individual & organizational stories. Honouring these collective stories we collaborate with you to create teams with a common vision & purpose - all rooted in compassion.

Who we are

Authors, editors & publishers

We are facilitators, educators & lifelong learners who are passionate about sharing our vision for more resilient & healthy human connections.

Our why

Inspire change from the inside out

Let's be frank, the old way of compartmentalizing work & personal life is programming meant for robots. Common Collectives© offers a safe space for real human connection & work-life integration. Balance is out, integration is in.

We believe in

Connection ~ Collaboration ~ Compassion

~ We believe that work-life integration is essential for a productive team.

~ We believe strong communication skills are fundamental for collaboration.

~ We believe that healthy workplace culture is at the heart of a successful team.

What does the process look like, you ask...

We begin

With your unique story

Some stories start at the beginning. Not this one.   

We meet your team where they're at. 

We focus on personal development; emotional intelligence, self-care & self-mastery skills,  creating a tailored plan to support you where your story begins.

We grow

Common Collectives ©

This team models self-mastery skills & provides support to others within a well-structured framework. This allows YOUR team to remain proactive rather than reactive to the needs of the organization.

We celebrate

Wellness from within

After completing our program, your Common Collective © is self-driven & self-supportive with a solid structure & healthy team.  We celebrate your team & offer ongoing connection to other collectives with the resources & tools required for continued success.

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